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Log Splitter Hire – Tips For Hiring a Log Splitter

Log Splitter Hire

Hiring a Log Splitter for a special event is an excellent way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, you should keep some things in mind before you hire one. First, remember that split logs should be cut into manageable rounds to prevent jams and unpredictable splitting. You can hire various kinds of chainsaws from Hirepool, ranging from small to large. It is also a good idea to take measurements of your logs before hiring a chainsaw.

A standard log splitter measures four feet by eight feet, making it ideal for smaller trees or logs. The over-all size of this machine can fit in a standard pick-up truck bed or on a small trailer. A log splitter can easily handle logs up to 250 kilograms and can be transported without a hitch. When used properly, a log splitter can be an indispensable tool for any homeowner, gardener, arborist or rental company.

Renting a log splitter can be expensive, especially when you consider that you have to return it at the end of the day. You have to fit a large amount of wood into a small window of time, which makes the task difficult. Purchasing a log splitter, on the other hand, will let you take your time. You can split the wood over an afternoon or spend the whole day with it, at your own pace.

While owning a log splitter is an excellent option if you use it often, if you only need it once in a while, it may be a better idea to hire one. Hiring a log splitter will also help you to save money, since it is not cost-effective to purchase one. A log splitter can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, so renting one will help you save money. The best place to hire a log splitter is a home improvement shop, but you can also find them on rental sites.

Petes Stump Grinding is another place to find a log splitter rental. They have a 26-ton hydraulic log splitter for rent and can split up to 24” logs in 14 seconds. The machine runs on a 270cc Honda GX engine and weighs around 700 pounds. For larger jobs, Sunbelt Rentals can provide a larger machine. The company has log splitter hire locations across the country, but in some cities, the rental options are better.

Hiring a log splitter is a great idea if you need to use a log splitter for construction projects. However, you must remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid putting the equipment in an awkward position. A good way to avoid this problem is to use a chainsaw instead. You should also ensure that the chainsaw you are using is suitable for the job’s location. There is also a risk of damage to the engine and other machinery.

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