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Before You Buy Artificial Grass For Your Yard

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Before you buy fake grass, consider your landscaping needs. The right size and pile height can make all the difference between a great looking lawn and one that looks cheap and fake. Longer piles are often associated with lush and full lawns. To get the perfect height for your lawn, you should measure 5cm more around the perimeter than you need. You can always trim the artificial grass later if you find it too wide. To keep the grass looking its best, it’s best to use a mixture of builders’ sand and acrylic sand. Both materials protect against UV rays and prevent bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Polypropylene is an option for indoor and outdoor gardens. It’s soft and doesn’t require infill, but it’s not the best option for areas that experience high temperatures. Polypropylene may be ideal for indoor and light-colored landscaping, but it won’t stand up to extreme temperatures. If you live in a climate where heat and sun are a constant concern, you should purchase a UV-stabilized artificial grass.

Before you buy artificial grass, make sure that you know your space and what the desired use for it is. Usually, most people assume that artificial grass will be solid green. But a high-quality fake grass will have variations in color so that it looks real. For instance, if your yard is a pool area, artificial grass in an all-weather sunroom can be used for that purpose. The shades of green can look real if they are a bit mottled.

Choose a good product. If you have an outdoor space, choose a durable product that can withstand foot traffic. Look for the one that is made of durable nylon or polyethylene. You should also check for a high-quality urethane-coated nylon for added strength. If you plan to install the artificial grass yourself, you should take into account how much foot traffic you’ll have on the lawn every day. Choose a sturdy material that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Economy grass is ideal for families with children or pets. The economy version is inexpensive and has minimal maintenance. This type is perfect for areas with a high footfall. Longer blades are more luxurious and provide a softer landing for children. However, higher prices mean that the artificial grass looks more realistic. So, depending on your needs and budget, go for a cheaper option and see if it suits your budget. Just remember, the higher quality the grass, the better.

When buy artificial grass, make sure to check the cost. The cheapest versions are usually made of bright green baize that can be used as pitch-and-putt golf course turf. On the other hand, mid-range artificial grass is made of individual strands of plastic held upright by fine sand. Depending on the material you buy, you may need to replace this layer every year and brush it a few times a year.